About Us

Company Background
The company was founded in 2000. Upon its inception, ITSoft Solutions Sdn Bhd had been delivering COTS and open-source solutions mainly to the public sector and GLCs. The trust from customers and the quality of our services has given us an incredible growth in both revenue and customer based.

The proliferation of technology and the shift in customer demand are becoming ever-increasing. Realizing this, we have realigned our business direction to meet the needs of the industry. On top of focusing on issues faced by clients, we are also positioning ourselves to drive the adoption of advanced technologies and established enterprise solutions to local and regional industry players

ITSoft Solutions Sdn Bhd is currently working with several established global partners in driving the next-generation technologies adoption among local and regional players. Our aim is to unlock the potentials of corporations by enabling them the access to the state-of-the-art technologies that has been implemented and benefited the global world