Utilities & Waste

Deliver sustainable energy with the latest innovations in utilities. Today’s water resource leaders are faced with a whirlwind of both external and internal pressures. As a result of these pressures, utilities and waste are poised for transformation. We provide in handling your operation and business function by digitizing energy management processes to meet changing regulatory, environmental, operational, customer, and technological needs.

Utilities & Waste Core Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Financials Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory and Asset Management

Energy Supply Optimization
  • Capital Portfolio and Project Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Scheduling and Load Management

Operational Efficiency for Plants and Grids
  • Asset Operations and Maintenance
  • Asset Network
  • Environment, Health, and Safety

  • Device Operations and Maintenance
  • Meter Reading and Energy Data Management
  • Utilities Planning and Analytics

Customer Engagement
  • Contextual Marketing
  • Smarter Selling and Commerce
  • Customer Service Excellence

Billing and Revenue Management
  • Billing and Revenue Management for Energy, Water, and Services
  • Billing of Energy and Non-Energy Products and Services
  • Subscription Billing and Revenue Management